Update Log  

According to everyone's needs and suggestions, the Geekgene Bioinformatics Service Portal/Platform will be adjusted and updated every three months, and the update time is March, June, September, and December.

Geek Gene thank you for your use and welcome your suggestions. If your suggestion is adopted by us, you can increase the platform usage period.

● update1(2019-10-01)

Bulk RNA-seq:Data filter, difference analysis, PCA, correlation, volcano plot, scatter plot,gene expression, heatmap.

● update2(2020-6-01)

Bulk RNA-seq:GO、Pathway

10X Genomics:single sample (accusation and filtering, selection of highly differential genes, PCA linear dimensionality reduction, cell clustering, marker genes, identification of cell populations); multi-sample joint analysis (sample pre-processing, conservation between samples) Marking genes, redefining cell populations, differential genes, gene expression profile visualization); multi-sample sequential analysis (sample pre-processing, selection of cluster genes, clustering, selection of sequential analysis genes, sequential analysis, quasi-chronological analysis Differential gene analysis)

● update3(2020-12-01)

Bulk RNA-seq:PCA 3D、Span Tree、tSNE、K-Means、Gene Expression、Venny;The picture provides more ways to modify, you can change the color, size, font size, etc.

10X Genomics:Gene expression table

Single Cell RNA-seq:Input Data,Data Analysis,cluster(PCA, PCA 3D, Correlation,Span Tree,tSNE,K-Means),Summary of Gene(Volcano Plot,Scatterplot,Barplot)Gene Expression, Heatmap, Venny, GO, Pathway.

● update4(2021-08-18)

10X Genomics:Add cell population identification (through existing databases), correlation analysis between cell subpopulations, cell cycle analysis, add custom labels to samples, and split multi-sample analysis into more functions.

● update5(2021-12-10)

1. Geekgene Bioinformatics Service Portal/Platform: Modify the page layout of the entire analysis platform.

2. The data download system uses cloud services, so do not log in on this page.

3. On-line self-service system, users can upload data for analysis by themselves, and the data upload format must be strictly in accordance with the instructions.

● update6(2023-01-05)

1. Bulk RNA-seq: Replaced the R package used for difference expression analysis and GO analysis, making the analysis more accurate and faster; adjusted the layout of the interactive interface, making the operation more convenient; beautified some pages.

2. Smart-seq2: Added mitochondrial percentage display and UMAP analysis function.

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